Care Provided and Values


Autism affects people in different ways, and it is our ethos to accept each individual for who they are, to learn about the way they have learned to live, how they develop and maintain relationships and how they like to spend their time. We operate in a way which is considerate, professional and respectful towards each person. We want to achieve a real understanding of what makes every person in our care happy and unhappy, how they prefer to communicate and interact and what kind of opportunities and life experiences will allow them to grow and develop.

We take great care to learn about the way each person communicates, and embrace the principles of Total Communication, which leads us to develop individual communication strategies, which may include use of PECs, TEACCH, sign language, visual prompts, use of social stories and intensive interaction.

We pay a lot of attention to sensory processing difficulties which some people with autism may experience and look for creative ways to address these.   Where necessary we do involve external professionals in providing additional guidance and advice to the team. For example we may request an assessment from an Occupational Therapist in order to identify activities which may be suitable for meeting a particular sensory need for an individual.   Our general approach is based on principles of low arousal. We aim to create and maintain a calm but stimulating environment, where people can be themselves, have dignity, try new things, feel valued and loved, be safe and protected from harm. 

To enhance the experiences for people in our care, we invite input and ongoing interest from family and friends. Family links and relationships help a person with Autism to know who they are and are pivotal in enabling us to learn about the person and what is important to them.

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